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Looking Forward to 2019

Hey! hey! Our NEW WEBSITE is UP! As you may have noticed, we've revamped our look!

New year, new me? Maybe.

New Look? Definitely.

We're still the same DVF Dairy Farm Family though, but here are a few things we're doing different so... HELLO 2019!

What's DVF Dairy up to?

This 2019, we're planing on a NEW look for one of our favorite products.

That's right! Something maybe in the line of being more for your kid's lunchbox? Mhmm.

We also have this new blog set up! You can get here updates on recipes we're featuring, tips on how to keep your dairy products fresh, and you might even get a chance to write your own article! YES. YOU. We'd love for you to join the community and participate!

So c'mon and sign up and get exclusive MEMBER'S ONLY perks from this site!

Lastly, we are building an e-Store! Yes, we have our products in supermarkets and dealers and deliver them to your home... but now, we're bringing the whole store to you fresh from the farm! We're so excited to see which product is your favorite but for now, we'll be accepting CASH ONLY transactions (if only until the soft selling lasts).

Other than that, we have some of the answers to queries we usually get online over at our FAQs link and you can also send us a quick message. Whether it's about the products, our services, or ways to improve this site, we'd love to hear from you. :)

Finally, we'd love to THANK YOU for being with us for all these years, we're trying our best to build this community and to spread the word on locally-produced, TRULY FRESH milk and we hope you continue supporting us through the healthy tradition.

Love Lots,

Bawi P.S.

Heads up on these hashtags btw, we have more content coming at you this 2019!

Don't forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @dvfdairyfarm !


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