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Is 2019 Sweet or Savory? (with Greek Yogurt)

Let a simple Yogurt Bowl start off your year.

We got lazy after the holidays.

YUP, cleaning up the dishes, stuffing the fridge with leftover food. So yeah, our family will be reheating food for the remainder of 2 months probably.

But this one is an easy fix if you wouldn't want to cook but still want to hold on to your new year's resolution to "EAT HEALTHY"

Here are ways how you can enjoy the fabulously healthy DVF Dairy Farm's Greek Yogurt:

Sweet Yogurt Bowl

Start simple with Corn Flakes (we use Frosties sometimes), bananas, strawberries, coco puffs, maybe dab some honey and mix it in with your Greek Yogurt Bowl.

It's seems cute and simple, but it's a really heavy snack. This is also delicious with your usual coffee and possibly some pan de sal (if this didn't fill you up already).

If you had TOO MUCH sweets this holiday season, then maybe your palette is looking for something more of the next one.

Savory Yogurt Bowl

Go Mediterranean with some cucumber, radish, olive oil, & toasted sesame to go with your Greek Yogurt Bowl

Simple, refreshing and tasty, this combination is delicious when served with warm pita bread or alongside a Greek salad. It’s also a perfect accompaniment to dips like hummus. Keeping the cucumber and radish paper-thin makes it easy to mix and enjoy.

However you want your quick, easy, and HEALTHY meal, know that DVF Dairy Farm is here to help you with your dairy fix. ;)

Not often (these days) can you get milk delivered straight to your door.

'Til next time!



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