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With only 1% FAT, enjoy the same taste of carabao's milk with less fat! 

Low Fat Carabao's Milk

  • 7 Days

    • Required storage temperature is 1-5°C in the refrigerator.
    • Products can stand up to 2 hours in room temperature but shelf life may decrease.
    • Do not put it in the freezer. Putting it in the freezer will change its consistency and will no longer be fresh.
    • Storage temperature requirement must maintain to keep the product quality and reach its shelf life which is indicated on the label.
    • Avoid direct contact / exposure to sunlight for long period of time, it can affect the quality of the product.
    • For large container (1L) we advise to use glass for drinking and do not drink directly on the bottle to prevent contamination that may cause early spoilage of the product.
    • Once opened keep refrigerated and consume within 1-2 days.
    • Store dairy products in their own area with protective coverings.
    • If milk solids form on the bottle after some time in the refrigerator, shake the bottle vigorously before opening.
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